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Marketing and Social Services

Social Content Creation

Social Content is a large part of any business’s online presence.

The more people you reach online, the better.
Spreading Social content about your service offerings, allows potential clients to read this content and find your business.
Having regular content posts will increase your online footprint and give the impression that the company is alive. The content we create will adapt to the ever-changing market.

Social Content includes the following services.

  • Design and creation of all graphics for all social networks. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.)
  • Writing copy for all graphics, this entails copy on the graphic itself and descriptions for the post. (copy is discussed ahead of time.)
  • Scheduling of content is included.
  • There will be a total of 12 posts made monthly. (3 posts per week)
  • Posts will be spread out to cover the most ground. (We find that the Monday, Wednesday & Friday routine preforms best.)
  • We allow a single iteration of all content that was created for the Social Content service. (Content will be sent for review before being scheduled for posting.)

Social Community Management

Community management for your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We will forward and answer all messages sent to your company’s social profiles.

When the community has a question about your business, we will either point them to the right page, on your website, or forward their messages straight to you. No need for you to sit around and wait for messages from your potential customers all day, you have better things to do.

We check your profile messages daily, to ensure your next potential client starts off with your business on the right foot.

We will forward messages to you within 24 hours from receiving them, during business hours Monday to Friday.

Social Community management will save you time to focus on your business.

Social Network Setup

Social Simplified will set up your social networks

No Social Networks for your business? Not to worry...
We will set up the profile based on the information that you give us. Info such as Business hours, logos, contact numbers and locations will be used.

The Social Network Set-up also comes with a social media header design, which will be resized for the respective social network.

Creative Graphics Content

All these services are available individually or as part of the business start-up add-on/package

Logo Design

We design 3 distinct logos for our clients, these logos give the client a variety of initial options.
After the initial option is chosen you can have 2 iterations of this logo design, to dial in exactly what you have in mind.

Social Media Header Designs

Social Simplified will design a header for your social networks.
This header design can be resized to fit any of your social networks. All info on the header will need to be supplied by the client.


We will design a letterhead for you to choose from and one iteration can be made based on your choice.

Email Signatures (5-users)

The signature will have a single design which will be populated with the 5 gives user’s information. The information will need to be supplied from the client.
One iteration can be made on the Email Signature Design.

Photo Touch-up

Social Simplified can also touch-up your photos. If you have any pictures that you would like some editing to be done, we are able to provide this service.

Saving you Time

Taking care of all your Social Interaction

Are your social networking efforts costing you valuable time? Have you thought about investing time in social media, to increase the reach of your business?

The Social Simplified service can simplify social networking and will allow your business to save heaps of time.

Allow us to handle all your social media needs and keep your consumers up to date with the latest news and services that your company has to offer.

Allowing Social Simplified to save your business time, will make it possible for your business to expand to other areas and have the peace of mind that your social platforms are in capable hands.


Social Simplified is your one-stop solution to increase your online digital presence.
We aim to establish an online footprint for our clients.

Creating content and managing communities are just some of the services we offer.

Rest assured, Social Simplified will handle all your social networking needs.

Save your company some time, increase your following and help
the public understand what your business has to offer.

Simplify your social networking, with Social Simplified.


Choose from the packages below.

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For up-front settlement

6 or 12 month plans available


R2999 / month
  • Social Content Design and Scheduling
  • Reporting based on social Content (On Inquiry)


R4999 / month
  • Social Content Design and Scheduling
  • Reporting based on social Content
  • Community Management
  • Social Setup


(Stand-alone or Add-on)
  • Logo Design @ R1000
  • Social Media Header Designs @ R500
  • Letterhead @ R250
  • Email Signatures (5-users) @ R500
  • Photo Touch Up
    (initial picture) @ R100 thereafter R50


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